4 Reasons Why You Will Love Juliette Aristides’ ‘Life Work’

Written by Meghan Gattignolo, Visitor Services Coordinator

Her Style is Captivating

Juliette Aristides is an accomplished contemporary realism artist. Realism refers to the style of painting objects and figures as they are. Contemporary realism specifically delves into modern life to reveal the beauty in everyday objects. Popular in recent years, the style stems from a desire to capture authentic images of life unembellished. Juliette also employs drawing techniques inspired by Renaissance artists.

Close up of Aristides' oil painting 'Tin' focused on tin can and several red tomatoes.
Close up of Aristides' oil figurative painting of man and woman standing together. Woman wrapped in red shawl looking straight ahead and the man to her left looking over her head towards the right.

She was Influenced by COVID-19

Like many of us, Juliette’s work and focus have been affected by the pandemic. When Juliette began the suite of paintings included in her new exhibit, she did not expect to be shut in her house for endless months. Her inspiration became her rooms, hallways and kitchen appliances. Juliette discusses in a recent talk at the LeQuire Gallery how Life Work represents a change stating, “I spent so many years just setting up these perfect still-lifes and then just getting lost in them that I never really looked around at my own life and part of that was deliberate because … I love 19th-century art, and I look around at the contemporary world and it feels like ‘eh’, you know? Then I started noticing in a very acute way all the things I would miss… it was kind of an interesting story of falling in love in some degree with my own life.”

She Wants to Teach You How to Draw

Juliette pointing to a page in her Classical Drawing Atelier:  A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice book

Juliette Aristides is a sublimely talented artist but also a best-selling author. Her books Classical Drawing Atelier:  A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice and Lessons in Classical Painting break down the process of learning to draw in an easy format. Juliette is also the founder of the Classical Atelier at the Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle, Washington. She teaches workshops, both locally and internationally, to share her knowledge with everyone who wants to learn. In March, the Customs House Museum & Cultural Center plans to host one of Juliette Aristides’ workshops, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates!

Her Work Will Inspire You

Juliette believes focusing on a craft like drawing inspires a person to cultivate “a love of concentration, and appreciation, and gratitude.” Focus and the ability to concentrate on anything for long is hard in the age of constant digital distractions. Juliette’s work is a gentle reminder that mindfulness can lead to inspired creations. Walking through a gallery of her artwork, so patiently created in isolation, means getting lost in Juliette’s mind and experience. 

Aristides' figurative paintings hanging in the Bruner Gallery at the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center.
Aristides' still life paintings of hallway scenes hanging in the Orgain Gallery at the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center

To learn more about Juliette Aristides and her work, go to aristidesarts.com and follow Juliette on Facebook. You can also find information about her exhibit at the Museum here. See Juliette’s full interview with the LeQuire Gallery here. View our recent online interview between Juliette and Exhibits Curator Terri Jordan here.

Come experience Life Work:  The Art of Juliette Aristides on exhibit in the Orgain and Bruner Galleries now until the end of March. 

Meghan Gattignolo

Meghan Gattignolo is the Customs House Museum & Cultural Center’s Visitor Services Coordinator and regularly contributes articles to the Museum’s blog. From a military family, Meghan has spent most of her life in Clarksville. She loves learning about Clarksville’s history and writing. Meghan holds a B.A. in History from Austin Peay State University, with minors in German and Political Science. She lives in Clarksville with her husband and two daughters. 

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