Historic Clarksville

Photo of Historic Clarksville book displayed on a table in a library


Historic Clarksville 1784-2004, by Charles M. Walker and John L. Butler, tells the colorful 220-year story of a rugged frontier settlement that has evolved into the thriving city it is today. This 348-page second edition has been updated to include significant events of the past 20 years. One special chapter contains a remarkable collection of photographs, diagrams and stories that chronicle the devastating tornado of 1999 and the city’s remarkable recovery. Another chapter also records the deployment and return of Fort Campbell troops from Iraq in 2003-2004. Historic Clarksville is a revealing, absorbing account of a city founded at the confluence of the Cumberland and Red Rivers. From the flatboat flotilla that brought courageous settlers in 1780, to Clarksville’s subsequent rise as a major tobacco center and port, to the trauma this city suffered from the Civil War, to economic recovery forged by enterprising entrepreneurs in the age of industrialization, to historical highlights of the famed 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles you will get to know the personalities and events that are brought to life within these pages.

Historic Clarksville 1784-200
Authors: Charles M. Walker, John L. Butler
Hardcover, 348 pages
ISBN-13: 9780975529409

Available at Seasons: The Museum Store and the Felix G. Woodward Library.