Explore-at-Home Online Activities

You can usually find Ms. Pat’s friendly face around the Family Art Studio and Explorers’ Landing as she interacts with children and families in a variety of engaging, interactive and inspirational programs. Now, you can have some fun with Ms. Pat’s activities right from the comfort of your home! Each online activity features a list of needed supplies and easy-to-follow instructions to complete the project.


The Science of Soap

Show your kids the science of soap with this fun experiment brought to by our own Ms. Pat! Teach them the importance of soap and how germs react to it using supplies you can find around your home.

The Importance of Hand Washing

Make sure your children know the importance of washing your hands, how germs spread and how to properly scrub germs away.

Painted Desert Process-Art Project

Ms. Pat shows kids how to paint their own desert scene using items around the house! Full directions and a supply list can be found here.

Construct a Bird Nest & Examine an Egg

This activity will get a little messy! Ms. Pat walks you through the construction of a bird’s nest and examines the inside of an egg. Check out the complete list of directions here.

Let’s Go Ice Fishing!

In this week’s #FridayActivity, you’ll celebrate National Go Fishing Day by Ice Fishing! Join Ms. Pat as you learn how to “catch” an ice cube with a piece of string, using science! Go ice fishing with this step-by-step guide.

Outta’ This World

In this week’s #FridayActivity, launch into fun by making two simple playthings: a straw rocket and a UFO climbing toy. Find out how here.

Make Your Own Germ

Today we are making germ models using modeling clay and Q-tips. Be sure to share photos of your own germ models with us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Exploring Ooze!

Is it a liquid or a solid? Explore the science behind ooze! Make your own ooze using this handy guide.

Magic Milk

Observe a colorful chemical reaction while doing a fun, simple science experiment called “Magic Milk.”

Painting By Touch

Engage in a tactile art experience with Ms. Pat’s “Painting By Touch.” Produce raised lines with puffy paint, use your hands as paintbrushes, and close your eyes as you create an artwork by feel. Find the supply list and step-by-step guide here.

Colorful Rainstorm in a Glass

Is it possible to see rain indoors? How about a vibrantly colorful downpour? In this week’s #FridayActivity, we use science to orchestrate a storm of colors even on the sunniest day. Make your rainstorm with this step-by-step guide.

Even More Activities!

Cowboy and Cowgirl Play

Based off the Museum’s Wonders of the West exhibit, give kids the opportunity to get in touch with their inner cowboy and cowgirl! Design your own cowboy hat and vest and lasso a longhorn cattle using this step-by-step guide.

Moon Gazing & Sensory Moon Craft

While implementing this activity, your whole family can enjoy the night sky as you gaze with wonder at the moon and discover its remarkable craters. Little ones will delight in creating a textured, shiny image of the moon in outer space using aluminum foil and other simple materials. Find full directions here.

Traditional American Indian Game

This game is based on a traditional Native American game of chance that was played with dice made from decorated sticks. It’s an easy-to-make, fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family! In this activity, decorate one side of craft sticks, come up with a scoring system and see how the dice fall! Learn how to play here.

Send a Long-Distance Hug

Have your kids send a long-distance hug to your loved ones using this simple guide.