Explorers Landing

The newly renovated Explorers Landing is officially open!  

New Memories, New Adventures, New Explorers Landing!  

Exploring Our Town is a new and improved hands-on educational exhibit that fosters curiosity and tells the story of Clarksville. It’s an adventure for all ages. 

Explorers Landing closes at 4:30 pm daily. 

Sponsored by the Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation and the Kiwanis Club of Clarksville, Inc. 

Bubble Cave 
Create giant bubbles and learn the science behind cave formations in the Bubble Cave! How do bubbles work? Why do they pop? What exactly is a sinkhole? All of your questions can be answered with some hands-on experience in the Bubble Cave. 

McGregor’s Market 
From the farm, to the market, to your table! You can spend hours picking produce at the farm and shopping in McGregor’s Market.  

Rails, Roads & Runways 
Planes, trains and automobiles – oh my! Learn about local transportation and send cars racing down the brand-new Car Ramp. 
Sponsored by F&M Bank 

The Landing 
What kinds of fish live in the Cumberland River? How did the Red River get its name? Find out when you go fishing at The Landing! 

Puppet Theatre 
Discover local wildlife and put on a show! You can find our woodland friends in the treehouse theatre and use the magnet wall to set your scene.  

Building Our Town 
How does electricity power your home? Where does your clean water come from, and where does it go? What architectural styles can you find in your neighborhood? Answer all these questions – and build some structures of your own – on your visit to Explorers Landing. 
Sponsored by Clarksville Gas & Water, CDE Lightband and Providence Builders 

Tiny Town 
Explore a little bit of everything in Tiny Town! This area is full of toys, puzzles and other interactive activities for kids to learn through play. Designed for ages 2-5. 

Exploring Our Town Walking Tour 
Walking is great for your body and mind! This self-guided walking tour takes you on a trip to see interesting and historic buildings around our town.