The Art of Annamaria Gundlach

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Annamaria Gundlach is a professional clay artist who loves clay and believes its plasticity makes it a wonderful medium to find ones creativity. Beyond creating her three dimensional pieces, Annamaria also teaches children and adults as an outreach artist with the Knoxville Museum of Art and as an instructor at the Knoxville Fine Arts & Crafts Center. As a clay sculptor, she exhibits her work in museums and fine arts exhibitions and has received numerous grants and awards.

Clay is matter that changes properties while never disappearing. It’s impact on civilizations is profound. For early Cave art to the present, clay facilitates the creation of utilitarian objects, crafts and art. It is this connection to the humblest of matter, an amorphous blob of particulates, extracted from the earth that challenges me to honor previous craftsmen and artists and to continue the tradition of exploring, exploiting and exalting a medium that makes me sense my own connection to my Greek and Italian heritage. Clay comes to me in dreams whispering, ‘we are stuff as clay is made.’ My art is to give substance and voice to clay.”

– Annamaria Gundlach

200 South Second St., Clarksville, TN 37040931-648-5780Open: Tuesday Through Sunday • Closed Mondays