Richard LeFevre: The Civil War Series

Richard J. Lefevre’s Civil War Series presents the history of The War Between the States1861-65, through 32 of its most significant battles. LeFevre combined his love of history and his skill as an illustrator, using inventive mixed-media techniques to create powerful images inspired by his personal investigation into that most terrible and definitive era. He sought to authenticate the audience experience by incorporating images from period publications such as Harper’s Weekly and Leslie’s Illustrated. Centrury-old woodcut engravings, made from sketches by Civil War artists who were present at the battles, were flash-framed onto paper with a copier, then manipulated with watercolorpencil and collage techniques. Some contain tintype images of prominent battle figures.

The series, which took 4 years to complete, portratys the Civil War without bias toward the Union or the Confederacy.

Richard J. LeFevre was born in Rochester, NY, in 1931. He studied with Hannes Beckman, of Bauhaus, at the Rochester Institute of Technology and successfully operated LeFevre Studio there for a decade. In 1967, he moved to the South to teach art at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. As his Tennessee friends introduced him to interesting stories from the Civil War, he began to seek more knowledge about the period. LeFevre’s quest to present the Civil War through artisitic image was finally launched when his wife Carol presented him with a book containing personal accounts of the war.

Richard J. Fevre died in September, 2000. His bequest of the the series to the University of Tennessee’sPermanent Collection ensures that the entire work will continue to be available as a coherent presentation of history for audiencces throughout the world.

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