Paul Harmon: Inner Voices

International artist Paul Harmon exhibits his lyrical paintings in the Customs House Museum’s Crouch Gallery beginning July 3rd. The themes of Harmon’s paintings always incorporate poetry, prose and ideas from the artist’s interests and experiences. Yet Harmon, who is known for his strong stenciled outlines, has created a softer movement with these more recent paintings. The subjects are less restricted to a designated spot on the canvas than earlier works. The effect is one of tranquility and ease.

Paul Harmon: Inner Voices showcases paintings from the past two years that are full of vibrant colors and back stories. Many of the 2013 paintings incorporate the Golden Mean, a ratio based on the number Phi. As the Golden Mean appears throughout all of nature, it is securely embedded in the DNA of us all. While rabbits, dogs, and elegant ladies continue to act as primary subject in Harmon’s 2014 works, there seems to be more of a reflective, personal mood to these newer pieces. Regarding the painting The Yellow Chair, Harmon states “This Chair was designed and made in 1937 and belonged to Adelaide Harmon, my Grandmother. It is good that so many of those things that lived with gone friends and family can speak to us so poignantly”.

Harmon’s work has been exhibited in major venues in New York and Washington, Europe and South America. He has garnered numerous awards and honors, including two major awards at the XXIV Prix International d’Art Contemporain de Monte-Carlo and the Art Contemporain, Saint-Martin du Tertre, Val d’Oise, commemorative medal. Artwork by Harmon is in the collections of Tennessee State Museum, Tampa Museum of Art, the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Museum of Modern Art of Monaco, and the city of Caen, France; as well as numerous private collections.

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