Nature as Art: Art as Awareness

KittyHarvill_SumatranTigerWebThis exhibition features work by the group 52 Weeks – Nature Painting Challenge. Close to 400 members challenge other like minded artists to paint from a nature photo, presented each Monday, and to complete the painting within a week’s time.

Begun in January of 2014, Kitty Harvill, founder of the group, states “The idea was to challenge myself and like minded artists to paint from a nature photo presented each Monday, and to complete it within a week’s time. I had challenged myself to daily painting in 2009 and reaped the rewards of such a strict discipline, but wanted to be a little more generous and not as constricting with a commitment every day for 365 days.”

Challenge 16 Cherry Throated Tanager2  wc 7x11 virginia potter52 Weeks – Nature Painting Challenge has supported organizations promoting awareness for the endangered Barbary Macaque of Morocco, the Wattled Curassow of the Amazon, the critically endangered Northern Brown Howler of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, the Anteater of Brazil’s Cerrado, the Babirusa of Indonesia and the Philippine eagle. They have also partnered with Rainforest Trust in painting the Lemurs of Madagascar and the Sumatran Tiger. Their partnership with SAVE Brasil (Brazilian affiliate of BirdLife International) has given them the opportunity to paint the endangered Jacutinga, or Black­fronted Piping guan and the critically endangered Cherry­throated tanager.

The group has also painted the Black­faced lion tamarin, Vinaceous­breasted amazon parrot, Maned wolf, Tapirs, Marsh deer, Giant river otter, Australian Koala and Sea turtles in addition to florals and landscapes.

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