Leslie Shiels: Dizygotic

“Twins” is the concept behind Ohio artist Leslie Shiels’ exhibit. Twins can either be monozygotic, “identical”, meaning that they develop from one zygote that splits and forms two embryos, or dizygotic, “fraternal”, because they develop from two separate eggs. Shiels’ animals appear more as portraits within patterns of positive and negative. The bright color schemes seem to frame and emphasize Shiels’ mirror-image subjects. Along with her signature hounds, the exhibition includes rabbits, turtles, and birds.

Leslie has been painting for most of her life. She earned a BFA in 1974. Leslie’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and can be found in numerous corporate and private collections. She first exhibited at the Customs House in their Biennial National Juried Exhibition of 2012. Shiels’ paintings have been featured in many publications, including The Artist magazine and her painting titled Kennel Bound can be seen on the set of ABC’s hit series “Nashville”.

Leslie Sheils Dizygotic Hound Left

Leslie Sheils Dizygotic Hound Right

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