German Carte Vistes

T. Max Hochstetler, Photography Collection

Carte de visite and cabinet card portraits of German royals, actors, singers, composers, musicians, and directors.

“One afternoon I wandered into a small antique shop in the little village of Dornach, Switzerland, near Basel. Scattered atop a table was a large group of photographs that had come from a single album. among the cabinet card photographs were portraits of a woman wearing many different theatrical costumes. Upon closer examination, one of the cabinet cards was autographed ¬†Rosa Levaboppe, Lugano, 1925. The cabinet card photographers were E. Bieber and J.C. Scharwachter and many had embossed dates. The items were cheaply priced and easily carried, so thirteen were purchased.

When I returned home, I began to research the two portrait ateliers, and the actress Rosa Poppe. It became apparent that both photographers ran highly successful businesses, which catered to the elite of society in Germany

…The collection begun in 1990 continues to grow as more celebrity portraits and other photographers are added. A part of my enjoyment is sharing digital examples from my collection on the photographic internet website www.luminous-lint.com [A] display in Custom[s] House Heritage Hall offers an unique opportunity to share the historic portraits in an original 19th century setting.”

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