Eric L Hansen: Blood Rescue

November 5, 2014 Through January 4, 2015

The muses of Eric L Hansen’s mixed media art reside at Queen of Hearts Farm in Chapel Hill, Tennessee. Today in the United States there are almost 450 horse rescue ranches with a total occupancy of 18,000 horses, and they still turn away 12,000 more annually. 

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This suite of work began as homage to the cave drawings in Lascaux and Chau vet. As the Shaman killed horses, using their blood to document and tell stories on rock, these new mixed media portraits have taken on an additional story with Hansen’s passion for regulations on horse slaughtering. Just as the Shaman mixed ochre with the horse blood to make paint for the original cave drawings, Hansen continues this tradition of documenting by using horse blood shipped to him by Amazon in his work, giving new life to the rescued horses of the Tennessee Queen of Hearts Farm. Eric will be presenting the museum’s Art & Lunch program on Thursday, November 20th. This event is free to the public.

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