Archetypes: The Art of Diane Shaw

Diane-The Mother Archetype“This collection of work is about the psychology of ancient archetypes. As diverse as the stars in the heavens, archetypes indicate individual behavioral patterns. Each of us incarnate with a select group of these patterns that remain with us throughout our lives.

Archetypes are not entities that are simple and passive parts of our psyches. They take active roles as guardians and inner allies, awakening us when we are in danger of personal destruction. Each one has light and shadow attribute that have the potential to teach us constructive and destructive things about ourselves. But the secret to learning their lessons is that we have to first become aware of their presence.

The specific archetypes in this series were not preconceived, but instead appeared in their own time during the creative process. They now invite you to become part of the painted environment and to explore the question as to whether these behaviors exist in yourself or in others you may know. If a strange familiarity does occur during your viewing of these works, chances are the archetype has succeeded in activating that part of yourself that resonates with who you are.

All works are acrylic on paper.”

-Diane Shaw

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