Anne Bagby: Layered Expressions

Bagby’s work combines traditional drawing, painting and printmaking, using several layers to play with the boundaries between design and texture. 

Anne Bagby _paintings_artodyssey (3)

“I employ a combination of printmaking and painting, with layers of color, glaze, texture and pattern. The paintings play with the boundaries between design and texture. My work is deliberately formal and beautiful. The quilt tradition, oriental rugs, and the kaleidoscope inspire the fabric-like look, the lack of volume and deep space and the use of multiple images. In these paintings the edges are firm and significant, but the surface is my primary concern. Layers of glaze over layers of pattern, over collage and stitching: color, shape, texture and the human face. My paintings are concerned with the relationships we have with the world and with ourselves and with who we want the world to think we are. I paint these surfaces.” -Anne Bagby

200 South Second St., Clarksville, TN 37040931-648-5780Open: Tuesday Through Sunday • Closed Mondays