Hands-On Explorers: Launch Into Fun with Catapults!

Saturdays, Feb 1 & 15 | Family Art Studio
Drop-in between 2:00–4:00 p.m.
Free with paid admission or membership | Grades K & above with adult

National Engineer’s Week is observed in February. During the Middle Ages, catapults were designed for use during battles, shooting rocks and hot tar into castles. Catapults are still used today to launch jets from aircraft carriers that have limited runway space. Catapult your creativity as you engage with the science and engineering of catapults. Build your own simple catapult using craft sticks, and send pom-poms and ping-pong balls flying. Can you hit the target and knock down a tower of emoji paper cups? Experiment and make predictions using different variables in your design and projectiles—what can you do to create more force? What affects the accuracy of your launch? Each participant will be able to take home their catapult and either a pom-pom or a pingpong ball.

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